Monday, October 20, 2008

Please be aware that my email address is been taken by theft

Please be aware that my email address is been taken by theft

I am sorry to announce that
Today, 21oct 2008, in the morning around 5AM I found my mail account ‘’ is not working, I fear its hacker’s work. So, hereby I inform you that please, stop using this mail. If you get any mail from this account stop responding. It would be appreciated to nab the culprit by any means.

I am a social worker apart from my profession as a painter and poet, I used this mail to communicate on behalf of my organization ‘Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation’ in short RAW FOUNDATION; a social non profit registered organization for artist and writers.

I used this mail for blogging also, all my blogs defends ‘Human Rights and Freedom of Expression’

I am not from a well to do family, a freelance artist, if I work I get money and when I work for my organization my family suffer, so I have no means to own a website and secure my mail. I use public email system and internet space.

The loss of mail account ‘’ has caused me grief and frustration.
I have used the mail last 19oct 2008.

Now I am with tense fear about other mails and blogs through which I disseminate the news of ‘Human Rights and Freedom of Expression’ .

I would request to every body please make sure after sending me any mail through my phone number and address given here.
My address: Albert Ashok,
(Postal address)165 R N Guha Road, Kolkata,India
Phone : +9133 2560 0070, 2529 9371, Mobile: 093308 58536

dont send at rawfoundation at any more

I have created a new mail address
, in place of the old ‘’
Please use the present mail address, and cc to to make sure

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