Friday, February 20, 2009

Bangladesh : Fellowships to Women Journalists

Bangladesh: ARTICLE 19 Awards Fellowships to Women Journalists
ARTICLE 19 in Bangladesh is pleased to announce that twelve women journalists working at the grassroots level have been awarded fellowships to enable them to investigate issues relevant to their local communities.
Working in partnership with Massline Media Centre (MMC), ARTICLE 19 announced the fellowship recipients’ names at an orientation workshop on 17 February. A competitive selection process resulted in a high number of applications from female print journalists working at the district and upazila (sub-district) levels of the country. The fellows will be provided with a stipend for three months, to support them to produce and publish investigative reports on access to information, development and human rights issues. They will also benefit from mentoring by a senior journalist and advice from ARTICLE 19 and MMC.Kamrun Nahar, a fellowship recipient, said that “an ARTICLE 19 fellowship on journalism is a huge recognition of my work and the struggles that we endure, as we continue to bring grassroots issues to the mainstream. I am delighted to be awarded along with other peers in the profession.”Female journalists working at the grassroots face many challenges, including low pay, loose contractual arrangements, and a lack of protection from threats, harassment and litigation. With very limited institutional support and opportunities for professional development, they must often rely on their own individual tenacity and commitment. “This programme will build the capacity and confidence of junior and mid-level female journalists and will enhance their profile as advocates for freedom of expression,” commented Tahmina Rahman, Director of ARTICLE 19 Bangladesh. “They have a critical role in ensuring freedom of expression and access to information by bringing diverse perspectives from different corners of the country.”

• For more information please contact Tahmina Rahman, Director ARTICLE 19 Bangladesh at or +0171-303-9669.

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